I love delicious bagels, and I cannot lie

As was typical for me during this time, I found myself going down an Internet rabbit hole. Don’t ask me what I was looking for when I fell in this particular hole. If I had to guess, I was looking up homemade bagel recipes as I had been obsessed with making my own bagels after watching the Great British Baking Show: The Beginnings on Netflix. I don’t actually remember deciding to look up recipes, since I’d watched the bagel episode several days earlier. But given the outcome, I can make an educated guess that this is what happened. This kind of Internet search is very similar to highway hypnosis: You don’t know how you got to the [insert destination], but you got there. While I do not recommend highway hypnosis in general, especially when driving, in this case, it worked out okay, as it led me to an easy bagel recipe from Skinny Taste.

Not only did this recipe not require yeast (which I have just acquired, but is still a precious commodity in these times), I actually had some Greek yogurt I needed to use up! Why I had Greek yogurt at all is beyond me, since I try my darnedest to not eat dairy. But they say things happen for a reason, so I was apparently fated to make four-ingredient bagels.

Now, you can check out the actual recipe on the Skinny Taste site, but let me tell you, I was impressed. These babies were super quick to mix up, and I was even able to roll them out and shape them in my tiny kitchen. If you haven’t seen my Instagram stories, then I’ll just tell you here that the available counter space in my kitchen measures approximately 11.5 inches by 20.25 inches. I can sometimes double this space by setting a cutting board over half of my sink, but this only helps if I haven’t also decided to cook dinner at the same time I’m baking. Unfortunately, I’m usually cooking dinner at the same time I’m baking, because I haven’t learned better.

Yes, hello, heaven?

Now, my bagels didn’t get quite as brown as Gina’s, so after their 25 minutes I just turned on my broiler for a few extra minutes to get that beautiful color. I dug deep and found the willpower to save the first taste of bagel for my breakfast the next morning, but it was worth it! I did toast the bagel to warm it up before I made my breakfast sandwich. While they didn’t toast the way you might expect in a store-bought bagel, they had a really lovely texture when I bit into them! They weren’t tough or chewy, and they had just enough crunch, which I love in my bagels. I will say on the second day, I noticed my bagel was slightly more chewy, but I’d also left them in a container on my counter overnight and it was pretty humid here. I don’t expect anything to stay too crisp in this weather. I tossed them in the fridge tonight to see if that changes anything. For the next batch I make, I’ll try to slice them up and put them in the freezer right away so they last longer, and to test if this changes anything in terms of the texture and taste!

If you’re looking for a super easy and fun baking idea to do for yourself, or with your kids, I highly recommend this one. It will also impress all your thousands of 20 Instagram friends! You can top these babies with anything. I happened to have Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning on hand, so I just added the bagel to it! I also made two Rosemary Sea Salt. I think these were actually my favorite, but I can’t make an unbiased choice there, since I am obsessed with Rosemary Sea Salt bagels. I think next time I may attempt some cinnamon swirl bagels and test these out with some cream cheese (there I go again with the dairy). Try these out and let me (and Gina) know what you think!

2 thoughts on “I love delicious bagels, and I cannot lie

    1. Yes! Let me know what you think! I got more yogurt just to make this recipe again. Plus it helps with my effort to not eat as much enriched bread haha

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